Pittsburgh’s Model Cleaners Expands

Newest store opens in suburb of Cranberry
CRANBERRY, Pa. — The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber and Model Cleaners hosted a May 21 ribbon-cutting and grand-opening ceremony here at the business’ newest facility.
The state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly fabricare center offers same-day drycleaning service utilizing GreenEarth cleaning technology, as well as free pickup and delivery service, at its 1187 Freedom Road store, the company says.
“I would like to thank the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce for co-hosting the grand-opening event and being a good partner for local businesses,” says Dan LaCarte, executive vice president of Model Cleaners. “We are excited to be opening our second facility in this region and furthering our commitment to care for our customers and community.”
Founded in 1986, Model Cleaners is Pittsburgh’s largest family-owned drycleaning operation with 13 locations. Half of its business comes from its free pickup and delivery services to 70 communities in Western Pennsylvania, the company says.
Jack LaCarte opened the first store in Charleroi, Pa., 30 years ago. He continues the tradition through his five sons, John, Mike, Dave, Joe and Dan, all of whom are part owners of the business.
Model Cleaners started with five employees and now employs more than 300 across its facilities and home delivery service.
Along with its drycleaning division, Model operates uniform rental, model apparel and real estate development divisions.
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The Digital World – Part 1

The Digital World – Part 1
By: Aaron Newport.

In today’s world, nearly everything we do is done digitally. Not only are we doing everything digitally, the majority of our daily activities can be completed entirely through our phones. There is an app to pay bills, listen to music, follow news updates, book travel, you can even press a button and your ride shows up five minutes later. Not to mention social media, there are countless social media channels out there and the number of users on those channels is increasing exponentially. According to the Pew Research Center, 74% of adult internet users are using social media. That number is growing fast on some of the not so well know channels, like Pinterest and Instagram. As a marketer in 2015, if you are not using these tools to your advantage, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to connect with your consumer.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr are all great tools that we can use to communicate our mission to the consumer, and that is just naming a few. The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and stumbled upon a promo for a free fence estimate that a friend had just happened to share. Now that contractor will be putting a fence in my yard next weekend. How powerful of a tool is that?
Most people these days do want to feel like they know the people they are spending their money with. Social media is a fantastic way to create that relationship with someone, before they are even a customer. When you are posting things that are fun, interesting, relative to the community, or important to you; you will connect with someone on some level, and that is going to resonate well with that consumer. Whether it be consciously or sub consciously, when consumers these days are deciding where to spend their money, that connection you made with them through social media is going to weigh in as a factor in their decision, without a doubt.
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The Clean Show 2015 “One Industry. One Stage “

The Clean Show 2015 “One Industry. One Stage “
By: Joe Blaha.

Atlanta had not welcomed the dry cleaning industry to the biannual Clean Show since 1987 and it would seem that this pairing was overdue as the numbers of vendors exhibiting and attendees surprised most everyone.
Reported by Riddle & Associates, the show management firm, unofficial attendance for the first day actually exceeded the count for the entirety of the three day show in New Orleans in 2013.
It is commonly felt that our industry is finally seeing growth across the country and the buzz generated by this Clean Show certainly adds additional positive energy.
Action in the GreenEarth booth welcoming both existing Affiliates and those interested in learning more kept everyone hopping.
Attendance for the GreenEarth Affiliates meeting and following reception may have also set records in spite of traffic gridlock and torrential rains that provided challenges for getting around town.
Fortunately, I finally discovered the joy of utilizing my Uber app for hailing rides. I won’t leave home without it now.
I expect the Las Vegas Clean Show 2017 will see continued growth in attendance and I would hope to see you all there!
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Dependable Cleaners Receive Diamond Achievement Award

DLI Presents Fawcett with its Highest Honor
Longtime Massachusetts cleaner receives Diamond Achievement Award

ATLANTA — The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) recently presented Donald C. Fawcett, owner of Dependable Cleaners in Quincy, Mass., with its Diamond Achievement Award, the Institute’s highest honor.
DLI President Alan P. Johnson III made the presentation following a DLI educational session here during Clean 2015.
Fawcett served as DLI’s District 1 director in 2000-2004, DLI president in 2003-2004, and chairman in 2004-2005.
The Diamond Achievement Award recognizes excellence across all aspects of the cleaning industry, and has only been awarded “a handful of times” in DLI’s 107-year history, the Institute says.
Fawcett earned an engineering management degree from Norwich University in 1948 and served in the U.S. Army before eventually joining the drycleaning business started by his father. Today, Dependable Cleaners employs 230 people in 16 locations.
Over the years, Fawcett made time to serve the industry through his membership and service in organizations like the Varsity Group and the International Drycleaners Congress.
He remains involved in the family business, but his daughter, Christa Hagearty, directly oversees daily operations. This, according to Fawcett, allows him more time to enjoy his family (including 12 grandchildren) as well as maritime pursuits such as racing and competitive sport fishing.
In presenting the clear, diamond-shaped award to Fawcett, Johnson cited his leadership as being an inspiration to the industry as a whole.
“Don has always been very encouraging to newcomers in the industry and has always had time to help colleagues,” Johnson says.
After the presentation, attendees flocked to the podium to greet Fawcett and offer their congratulations to him and to his family.

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Care labeling mysteries: Volume 1

Care labeling mysteries: Volume 1
By: Garry Knox.

So you remove your dry cleaning hat for a moment and stand in a branded clothing store and look at different items of clothing in particular, the care label.
The majority of customers have got their heads around symbols, such as ‘Do not Iron’, Maximum Water temperatures and ‘Dry clean only’. Those symbols are clear.
But sometimes the instructions that come with them are not so clear. I visited world-wide retailer lately and some of the instructions were:

  • ‘Specialist Dry Clean only’
  • ‘Dry Clean inside out’
  • ‘Dry Clean in a net bag’

Sometimes all three.
When I asked store staff what ‘Specialist’ meant… they either didn’t know or they guessed it meant, “Don’t try and dry clean it yourself”.
So imagine that a customer therefore takes their items to a drycleaner they consider to be a specialist, who actually cleans in Perc… None of the instructions above will help protect a leather or PVC items or anything with sequins.
Isn’t it time for some retailers to stop guessing, get off the fence and put their customers’ money where their mouths are?
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By: Ron Benjamin.

To many of us in our older years, SS stands for Social Security. And for those of you who are younger, it may mean the Selective Service!
But for GreenEarth, SS is our code for Sustainability Strategy. And it’s what we think about a lot.
Quite simply, we have tried — and continue to try — to be concerned about where our garment after care industry will be in 5 to 10 years. And what we need to be doing to remain relevant to our customers then. Since our initial days in 1999, our view has been less about the short term “survival” view and more about the longer term “sustainable” view.
In the April 14th 2015 edition of the Wall Street Journal, I noticed a statistic citing that 46% of the submittals of all shareholders regarding their company’s annual meeting had to do with concerns about treating their employees and the environment better. According to Ernst & Young, this 46% statistic compares with 37% the year before.
GreenEarth was formed 16 years ago by three dry cleaners who believed there was a better way than perc when considering employees in our industry and the environment in which we all live. And so we defined our goal as finding a solution for the aftercare of garments which is best for people, the planet, and profits. In other words, optimal sustainability.
And of course, this is right in keeping with the 46% of the shareholders of publicly traded companies who are now demanding the same treatment by the companies in which they own stock. We also believe it indicates what’s on the minds of our industry’s customers – the folks who have the money to spend on garment after care and who are generally in the upper demographics of education and income.
Given the concerns of the customers who our GreenEarth licensed dry cleaners serve, we are proud that our GreenEarth liquid silicone dry cleaning process is the most sustainable method to provide garment after care – period. Why can we say that? Because recent scientific studies reach that conclusion. The most notable was an independent 83-page scientific report published in 2012 by the Canadian Minister of the Environment, where the conclusion of the report states that our silicone dry cleaning fluid is “environmentally non-toxic”.
No other dry cleaning process has the scientific basis to make this claim honestly. In this age, where business transparency and honesty is often questioned, let’s all commit to providing our customers with the facts they are demanding. Let’s communicate our commitment to sustainability. Let’s live that commitment. And let’s find additional ways to enhance it. For if we do, we will continue to be relevant to our customers, our employees, and the planet in the years ahead.
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GreenEarth Affiliates Helping Out

by Laura Freeman | Reporter Published: May 6, 2015 12:04AM
Hudson — Just as the weather is warming, and it’s time to discard old winter coats, think about donating them to the Hudson League for Service Warm Winter Coat Drive for someone next year.
The Hudson League for Service, founded in 1947, is collecting warm winter coats to distribute in October to people in need in the Hudson school district.
“This is the second annual coat drive,” said Jennifer McKinley. “Last year the Hudson community was very generous and donated nearly 400 coats. Many adults were overjoyed to have a coat because of the cold winter.”
Matt Hons, owner with Craig Hons of Martinizing Dry Cleaning, 118 W. Streetsboro Road, will clean and freshen all donated coats for free, a service valued at $4,000 to $5,000. Martinizing Dry Cleaning uses Hudson’s original GreenEarth cleaning non-toxic cleaning process.
“We’ve been part of the community as a locally owned and operated company for 20 years,” said Craig Hons. “This is one way we like to give back to all the customers who have helped us be successful.”
Pastor Jerry Witt of Hope Community Church, 3033 Middleton Road, has agreed to store the cleaned donated coats for distribution days.
“We’ve joined the team with the Hudson League for Service and Martinizing Dry Cleaning to help store and distribute coats to needy families in Hudson,” Witt said. “Our vision at Hope Community Church is to impact the community outside our four walls. We continue to do ministries in conjunction with other organizations and churches in Hudson and the surrounding communities.”
Coats can be dropped off at Hope Community Church which is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Martinizing will have a box for coats and is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.
Destination Hudson Visitor Center also will have a box in its vestibule for drop off.
There is a great need for adult coats for men and women, especially in larger sizes, McKinley said.
“Parents think of their children first,” McKinley said. “They grow out of their coats, and it becomes expensive so parents go without, or senior citizens go without a coat to pay bills. We want to reach out to them so they can be warm.”
Check donations may be sent to Hudson League for Service at P.O. Box 203, Hudson, OH 44236 with “coat drive” in the subject line.
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