GreenEarth & Fashion Week Go Hand-In-Hand

GreenEarth & Fashion Week Go Hand-In-Hand

By: Aaron Newport
It goes without saying New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks of the year in the fashion industry. Fashion designers, models, and admirers alike all gather to check out the hottest new trends and witness the eccentric art that is fashion firsthand. Dry cleaners not excluded—in fact dry cleaners are an essential component that allows this train to keep rollin’. We should own it.
How cool is it to see GreenEarth Affiliates like Madame Paulette and Next Cleaners grabbing the bull by the horns. Of course so many GreenEarth Affiliates are out there doing exciting things and getting involved in their communities, but these are a couple of stories we’ve seen recently with New York Fashion Week.
If you aren’t already, maybe it’d be a good time to consider following suit. Even if you are not in New York, partner with a local designer and host an event during Fashion Week. If nothing else, get involved in the conversation via social media. All eyes are on New York Fashion Week this time of year, let’s be a part of that.
Not to mention all of the other cities which host their own fashion week throughout the year. If you are in or nearby one of those cities, get on board. As I said before, contact some local designers and put together an event in your store. It doesn’t have to be a full blown fashion show, but hosting a fashion/art open with wine and snacks is a great way to get some solid PR for your brand and make sure your community sees you as more than a dry cleaner. You’re a member of the community and a leader in the sustainable fashion movement!
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GreenEarth Affiliates Getting Involved in NY Fashion Week

One of New York’s Coolest Labels Just Showed at a Local Dry Cleaners
See full article and watch video here.
Raul Solis, the designer behind the buzzy label LRS, held his fifth show on 24th Street and 2nd Avenue in New York City, at Next Cleaners, a dry cleaning chain. After waiting in the aftermath of a rainstorm among a hoard of kicky pant-wearing downtown kids, everyone shuffled inside, and the space turned into a kind of hipster sauna.
Despite the heat, the moisture, and the so-close-you-can-smell-the-nicotine-on-your-neighbor’s-hands tight space, Solis’s vision was excitingly refreshing. There were no models: Dry cleaner attendants (in LRS-branded aprons) carried plastic-wrapped pieces and hung them on a conveyor. The clothes were great, including an oversize biker jacket with a large circle scooped out from the stomach, a pair of jeans made of LRS patches, and a tight T-shirt with a rooster’s head.
Solis also collaborated with photographer Ryker Allen to shoot and print banal objects. “We shot mundane images like tomatoes and mushrooms and portraits,” said Solis. “We wanted it to feel mundane but elevating the mundane.” The concept worked. Never has a tomato looked so good, plastered on the upper back of a trench coat turned cape with versatile vent, dotted with wriggling bolete mushrooms. (A fellow showgoer noted, “It’s like some of that Chef’s Table show shit. It makes me want to cook. The ingredients look beautiful.” True.) Also, a familiar insider face made a cameo on one of the tunics: the enlarged visage of a handsome Johnny Petrozzino, a sometimes-model who also starred in the Helmut Lang Exactitudes campaign.
Sure, Solis’s Laundromat idea could come off of as gimmicky. During Fashion Week, many young designers are vying to be so out-of-the-box that their attempts fall short and become try-hard. But Solis’s focus on making the yawn-worthy great is what made his collection compelling. And fun. Let’s handle LRS with care.
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GreenEarth Affiliates Doing Good In Their Community

Dress donation program ensures all students can go to prom
By: Mary Beth Almond | C&G Newspapers | Published February 12, 2018
OAKLAND COUNTY — Rochester Outreach and Charity for Kids, known as ROCKit, is asking local women to give new life to their special dresses for the organization’s annual ROCK the Prom dress giveaway.
For a third consecutive year, ROCKit is collecting donations of recently worn, floor-length prom dresses, as well as shoes and accessories, for its event — which gives high school teens free used prom dresses and accessories.
“I think every high school teen — if they get invited or want to go — should get to go to their prom,” said Kathy Campbell, who serves on the ROCKit board. “The dresses are very expensive — a lot of times you might think that you can get a dress for $100, but the reality is they are really more like $200-$300, and by the time you add jewelry and a shawl and a purse, it can be up to $400. So having the opportunity to limit that expense makes it possible for some kids to go.”
ROCKit, a program of the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester, is collecting gently used or new items — including long dresses, shoes and accessories — for the event through Feb. 28. Items can be dropped off during business hours at Kidz1st Pediatrics, 2370 Walton Blvd. in Rochester Hills; The Funky Frog Children’s Resale Boutique in downtown Rochester; or Classic Lanes bowling alley, 2145 Avon Industrial Drive in Rochester Hills. Gowns in sizes 0-6 and 14-20 are specifically needed this year, according to Campbell.
The gowns will be professionally cleaned by Lapels Dry Cleaning, an environmentally friendly dry cleaning company at the corner of Rochester and Auburn roads.
High school teens from all over who show a student ID are invited to attend ROCK the Prom events to try on and pick out one free dress noon-3 p.m. March 24 and noon-2 p.m. March 25 at the Auburn Hills Community Center, 1827 N. Squirrel Road in Auburn Hills. Campbell said that any teen, regardless of income, can take home a free prom dress this year.
“Last year, 90 percent of the students were from northern Oakland County, but we did have kids learn about it who were from Canton and Chelsea and Bay City, and we don’t turn anybody away,” Campbell explained. “If a girl decides that choosing a gently used gown is something that they want to do to save on expenses for prom, we don’t (turn them away).”
The dress distribution event will include a gown and accessory salon for guests to review a collection of over 400 formal dresses, and a fitting room with staff to assist guests.
Last year, the event served 58 teens.
“Last year, every girl that took home a dress was able to choose two accessories, and they all did. … They left with a complete outfit,” Campbell said. “For the 58 girls that we clothed, it made a difference.”
Read the full article here.
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Hats Off to GreenEarth Affiliate OXXO Care Cleaners

 Hollywood, FL, February 7, 2018— OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise that was first to use Greenearth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European boutique setting, reported steady growth and impressive rankings in the Franchise and Green categories in 2017.  Specifically, the franchise ranked in Entrepeneur Magazine’s Highly Competitive 39th Annual Franchise 500 Ranking . OXXO was also named by among the Top 10 Best Dry Cleaning Franchises and Top 5 Best Green & Eco-Friendly Franchises. Lastly, Franchise Gator ranked OXXO among the Top Emerging Franchises, among the Fastest Growing Franchises and among the Top 100 Franchises for 2017.
“Our goal is to keep the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise competitive, both domestically and globally, through constant innovation, superb customer service and the highest standards of quality. We are honored to once again form part of the Entrepreneur 500 this year, as well as of other key industry rankings” said Salomon Mishaan CEO of the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise.
In January 2018, OXXO Care Cleaners ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500®, the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Placement in the Franchise 500® is a highly sought-after honor in the franchise industry, as evidenced by the fact that Entrepreneur received more than 1,000 applications this year, making it one of the company’s most competitive rankings ever. Recognized as an invaluable resource for potential franchisees, the Franchise 500® ranked OXXO Care Cleaners for its outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power.
The key factors that go into Entrepreneur’s evaluation include costs and fees, size and growth, support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. All franchises are given a cumulative score based on more than 150 data points, and the 500 franchises with the highest cumulative scores become the Franchise 500® in ranking order.  OXXO’s position on the ranking is a testament to its strength as a franchise opportunity.
Additionally in January, ranked among the Top 10 Best Dry cleaning franchises for 2018 and among the Top 5 Green & Eco Friendly franchises. To be ranked, OXXO was evaluated for its overall prospects and possibilities for growth and expansion across major markets, as well as its ability to perform similarly across a number of different markets and regions. OXXO’s management was graded for its intimate knowledge of how to properly treat and clean a wide variety of fabrics, and how to properly train franchisees.
OXXO made numerous advances in 2017, from a technological and business strategy & improvement perspective.
2017 Highlights  
Business Expansion
⧭   OXXO signed a partnership with NexoFranquicia to expand the franchise into Latin America.
⧭  OXXO grew its portfolio of stores, opening a second store in Palm Beach and a new store in Houston, TX, East Boca, the Mimo District and Windermere, FL, Pembroke Pines, South Beach, Kendall, Coral Way, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Dadeland and Palm Beach. 
Business Improvements & New Technology
⧭  OXXO signed an agreement with Colombia’s DERSA to offer its eco- friendly detergent Top Terra in the U.S. market, to continue its environmentally conscious approach and provide greener cleaning.
⧭  OXXO unveiled its newly designed Mobile App on Google Play and at the Apple store.
⧭   OXXO unveiled a newly design website which includes a Microsite per franchise store.
⧭   OXXO’s Indonesia stores were named the first green laundry franchise  in Indonesia by REBI (Business Recognition Award), and they obtained ISO 9001 Certification.  OXXO Indonesia also signed agreements with Indonesia’s largest banks to promote the brand through its credit cards offering discounts to clients. OXXO Indonesia also introduced a mobile truck for clothing pick up. Two new stores were opern this year in Makassar, Indonasia.
⧭  OXXO’s Community Relations program enhanced significantly. In 2017, OXXO became a long term sponsor of Communities in Bloom, a Miami-based non profit aimed at helping underprivileged children.
⧭  OXXO established a formal Franchise Advisory Council  to ensure the incorporation of franchisees input with regard to store marketing & operations is a natural stepping-stone for a growing franchise operation.
Salomon Mishaan, founder and CEO, has developed a winning strategy for the business, its franchisees and the communities in which OXXO operates.  OXXO strives to be at the forefront of new technology for its business and for its customers.
OXXO looks forward to an amazing 2018!!
About OXXO® Care Cleaners, Inc.
OXXO® is an environmentally-responsible dry cleaning franchise in the United States. At OXXO®, customers experience the ultimate in garment care with the use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents (no use of Perc (Perclorethelyne)  chemicals common at other dry cleaners), the latest 24/7 ATM-style pick up service, the most technologically advanced European manufactured garment care equipment  and the  traditional  method of hand – ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by OXXO® garment care specialists to ensure superior handling and meticulous attention to detail. Visit for more information.
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Dry Cleaners on Social Media?

Dry Cleaners on Social Media?

By: Zarah Eads
“Why would there be dry cleaners on social media?” Ah, yes. That’s one question I’m a little too familiar with. Well, I’ll start here: 81 percent of Americans had some sort of social media profile in a 2017 gathering (which is a 5 percent jump from 2016). And there are 2.07 billion monthly users on Facebook, alone.
While all 2.07 billion people won’t be your dry cleaning customer, I think it’s safe to say you have the potential to reach a good chunk. Take our home office location in Kansas City, for example; when I put a 10 mile radius around downtown’s center and filter by a demographic of ages 28 and up with a $75,000 and over income, I still have the estimation of reaching 310,000 individuals. Advertising and what Facebook calls “boosting a post” do have a large hand in that, but that’s where we come in!
GreenEarth Cleaning offers social media management for six different platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Yours truly is your content creator, emoji expert, GIF goddess…OK, I’ll stop. By the way, we can also help run your Yelp page by monitoring reviews that are posted.
And I promise to write in a way that reflects both your brand and your community. You’re not getting the same posts as everyone else. We find content that’s happening in your area, and we take into account your specific and unique cleaning services.
I’m confident enough to say that our formula works. We mostly grow followings organically, and we’re currently averaging about 10 page likes per week. Engagement is of huge importance here. So another part of my job is logging in to each of your accounts a couple times a week and interacting with other businesses and organizations around you, whether that be by liking, commenting, or sharing. This practice not only gives your business more personality, but it provides yet another opportunity to gain customers. Say I comment on a local bridal salon’s photo—a recent bride who bought her dress there might see it, look further into your services, and realize you do wedding gown preservation. Social media is just as much posting as it is staying part of the surrounding conversations.
I’ll wrap this up, but if anything I’ve written has in some way resonated with you, please feel free to contact our Marketing Manager Aaron Newport by emailing or calling (816) 944-3431. You can also take a look at our brochure here: . And if you want to go it on your own and just get some advice first, we’re here for that as well. It’s not about signing up. Everything is moving toward social media now. People originally used these platforms as a way to connect with loved ones who were far away (and that’s still the case), but it’s gone far beyond even that. I’d argue more often than not, we click through to a site by first being logged into a social account. One more stat for you: an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes is spent on social media each day. It’s overdue that dry cleaners join in.
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National Clothesline Article On Rent The Runway

Disruptor of Dry Cleaning
Imagine a competitor with a 200,00-sq.-ft. plant that can process 5,000 pieces per hour, targets high income customers in the 25 to 40 age group. This competitor has already raised $130,000 million to fund its growing business and has the goal of capturing 10 percent of the $7 billion U.S. dry cleaning market. 

This is not an imaginary competitor. It’s Rent the Runway, which aims to replace the closet in the home with a closet in the cloud.

A look inside this operation was provided by Charles Ickes, former chief logistics officer of New York-based Rent the Runway, who spoke during the National Cleaners Association’s Texcare event in Secaucus, NJ, in October.

The company was started in 2009 by two Harvard Business School classmates, Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman, who thought women might be interested in renting rather
than owning high-fashion attire.

The company was still relatively small by the time Ickes joined it in 2011, handling 150,000 pieces per year with all the dry cleaning outsourced. He brought with him a background in dry cleaning having worked for Madame Paulette in New York and Dependable Cleaners in Massachusetts.

Now he said the company’s dry cleaning facility near Secaucus is the largest in the world with enough business to keep its 78 dry cleaning machines spinning through two shifts a day with four million pieces cleaned in 2017.

Rent the Runway’s customers can make their selection on-line at or at one of the company’s brick-and-mortar stores in New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The price of the rental is a fraction of what it would cost to buy the garment outright and that price includes shipping to and from the customer and, of course, the dry cleaning.

“Dry cleaning is not something that is really important to Rent the Runway,” he said. “It’s something they do on the side. They’re really out to disrupt fast fashion but you, the dry cleaner, will probably be collateral damage.”

Read full article here.
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Tips for living plastic free in 2018

Tips for living plastic free in 2018

By: Garry Knox
1 – Bring your own shopping bag
Even though in some countries there is a charge for getting a carrier bag from your store, many people bring their own bags JUST for groceries. Start bringing a bag for clothes and other products too. A great way to achieve this is to take a back pack everywhere you go, and store a couple of fabric bags in there too!
2 – Carry a reusable water bottle
Again, most back packs have a place to store a bottle securely. And keep an eye out for water fountains wherever you are, so that you can top it up easily, and you’re not tempted to buy a bottle whilst you’re out… you’ll be saving cash too! Add fruit or a sprig of mint and place the bottle in the fridge for an hour before you go out, to make it more refreshing.
3 – Bring your own coffee cup
You can buy reusable coffee cups quite cheaply now from stores and coffee houses and again, can be stored in that back pack. You can either make the coffee before you leave the house but also, lots of coffee houses now offer a small discount if you use your own mug.
4 – Pack your lunch in reusable containers
Depending on what you have for lunch, most plastic containers are great for keeping your food fresh. Most say that they are dishwasher proof but make sure they are on the top rack, so that they keep their shape. Alternatively wash them by hand.
5 – Say no to plastic straws and cutlery
Unless you can use plastic cutlery time and time again, say NO. I do have a spork (spoon and fork) that I was given in a food store in Amsterdam and have used many times but generally, plastic cutlery breaks easily. Have your own cutlery ready and reduce the demand for plastic.
I hate straws in drinks anyway but, always look to see if they have them in the bar when you arrive and just say “No straws please” when you place your order. You’ll soon get into the habit.
In most fast food places, straws are optional now, so just lift the lid off and sip away!
6 – Skip the plastic produce bags
Most fruit and veg is easily weighed or scanned without a bag. If not reuse the bag for as long as you can. If you go to a local fresh food market, the store staff can just put it into your bag for life for you when they’re done!
7 – Slow down and dine in
If you stay in, you are of course going to avoid plastic a bit more easily. Save money and eat more fresh and organic food.
8 – Store left overs in glass jars
Firstly, it’s great NOT to waste food, so try to cook just the right amount. But if you want to store left overs, have some glass jars of different sizes handy or some ‘microwave safe’ glass dishes.
9 – Buy a backpack
It’s been a recurring theme amongst these tips, of how useful they are. Get yourself one for shopping and storing. And perhaps walk to places a bit more, stopping for water and coffee along the way, to enjoy the view!
10 – Share
Last but not least, is to share these tips. We as individuals can make a difference by making small changes to our lives but educating other people on how to live plastic free by sharing the article or social media posts can have an EVEN bigger impact. Why not do it now?!
Happy New Plastic Free Year!
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Another GreenEarth Affiliate Making Waves

Corporate/Hospitality Division Created at Lapels
Formed to better serve hotels and restaurants, company notes

HANOVER, Mass. — Lapels Dry Cleaning recently announced the formation of a corporate/hospitality division. The new division was formed to better serve hotels, restaurants and corporate

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Another great story on a GreenEarth Affiliate

Classic Cleaners is your GreenEarth Alternative
When Janice Gray opened Classic Cleaners, nearly 20 years ago, she never dreamed she would still be operating a dry cleaning business.  After the business sold several times and operated successfully for many years …
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Waste not, want not!

Waste not, want not!

By: Gary Knox
We often find ourselves in a situation where we are appalled by the amount of food that is thrown away. Not just by our loved ones but by fast food companies and supermarkets …The post Waste not, want not! appeared first on GreenEarth Cleaning.